Mr. & Mrs. Tillotson

One of my favorite things is when a couple turns into friends! That was definitely the case when it came to Carlie and Kendall. When we first met at Starbucks Carlie told me that she wanted a small, simple, and sentimental backyard wedding. If there was ever going to be a wedding that PERFECTLY represented a couple it would be this wedding! Throughout this process I have learned that Kendall and Carlie are easy going, and incredibly loving! Their wedding day was filled with a lot of tears (maybe even some behind the camera haha whoops), love, and joy. Leading up to the wedding day there was a 100% of rain that started when I arrived and ended when I left. Throughout the whole process I kept suggesting ideas to Carlie for rain backup in which she responded "I'm not worried, I'll just get married in the rain! As long as I have Kendall and someone to make this marriage official then I have all that I need"! Sure enough... NO rain!! It was actually sunny all day! Thank you Jesus! The best of luck and love to the happy couple! I could not be any happier for the two of you and I can't wait to see you guys continue to grow together.