Madison & Zach Engagements

I first met Madison while waiting for the bus to take us home from school. We had never met before, but as usual our bus was late and we thought that he had forgotten about us! She asked me the time and we quickly started bonding over the bus and even made arrangements to ride home together! Shortly after, the bus arrived and she didn’t have to get in my car with a total stranger (thanks for being so trusting!!). She told me that she was a newly engaged bride and was looking for a photographer, and the rest was history! We met at a coffee shop here in Clemson and I knew just from talking to her a Zach that they were something special! They have been dating since they were very young and they met as kids. The whole time during the engagement photos I would see Madison just look up and Zach and they would both exchange a giddy smile with each other. Even after all of these years they are still just as in love! I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day! And also, Go Tigers!